lördag 28 februari 2015

Return to Mars

I made myself a Jug of Tea - and then I  Returned to Mars!

This is a picture of my gameboard at the Wexio Game Convention, 2014.

I said I would return with a more accurate and complete Battle report from last summers convention in my home town, Växjö. I am sorry to say that it will be no Battle report becouse I ve forgotten most of what happened and when I today try to figure out what went down, according to my saved photos - it makes no sense. But fear not - It will be two conventions this year and hopefully I will take some nice pictures and make intelligent notes, to present for you here in my blogg.

First stop will be at LinCon 2015. This is the second largest game convention (I think) in Sweden and takes place in the town of Linköping between 14th - 17th of May.

Second stop will be at Wexio Game Convention 2015 which is a very small but  one of the most cosy conventions I have ever visited. It will take place in the town of Växjö between 3rd - 5th of July.

Another picture from he same Convention, last year.

I have a lot to do. As you can see in the pictures I have to paint some figures. I also have some serious building/adding to complete my Liftwood Patrol boat. And repair the stand...

Liftwood failing ... ?

 I have also ordered and have got by mail a new Bridge! Thanks to a fellow aether blogger (Suber) I found a propper Bridge for my gameboard. The Bridge will soon appear here, but right now I will have some more tea...see ya!

8 kommentarer:

  1. På gång igen med andra ord :)

  2. Haha, glad to be a bad influence :D
    I'm familiar too with the fact of having tons of pics and then being totally unable to recall the story behind them. Unless I write the battle report within a couple of days time, I'm totally out of the whole thing.
    But anyway, I'll be looking forward to see your following reports! Keep it up!


  3. Sounds like there is lots to look forward to then!
    I too, will watch with great interest :-D

  4. Thanks Paul!
    .. noo pressure I must feel noo pressure =D

  5. It is looking superb absolutely wonderful.