söndag 26 april 2015

Martian Photos

Making Old style Photos

 The result of my best friends effort with some of my photos.

I started this blogg some years ago, when I was building my scenario, Mars 1889, for a Game Convention in Sweden. It was ment to be some sort of progress report and also a sort of "whip" for my own back - so I had to finish what I started. I think you get the picture.

So now two years later (or is it more?), I am making some nice cards for stats and initiative. 
At last, some may say ...

The Belgians Martian Walker Mrk III

I found it really hard to get some good pictures. I have friends who actually can handle the camera, light and exciting angles. They have given me some advice - thou I really cant make it work. 
So, my friend gets a lot of crappy shots to work with.

 The Oenotrian shield Gunners didnt like the marching orders at all...

I started out with alot of figures, placed as they where moving about in the canal fortification. It didnt work - at all. Most of them where out of focus. So I had to shoot them one at a time.

I also have a bridge to build and I have not even started. For some time, I blamed my desk - you know - no space to work in. So I had to clean that up... it took me about 2 hours but now we are ready to get some work done.

Looks nice and almost too clean...now.

I will post more of the old time photo progression and also more of scenario progress and preps for the upcoming LinCon 2015. 
Stay tuned!

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  1. Projects are not about the game - they are about the journey! I've been running my VSF blog for 9 years and I'm nowhere near where I thought I would be either, but its still fun :-)

    Love the pics - please keep them up! The great thing about digital pics is that you can take a dozen of each shot with different lighting etc and one at least will work.

    1. You are so right Paul !
      ..and I also feel its a fun ride =)

  2. They're looking good. And what Paul said :-)