söndag 10 maj 2015

Aeronof & Martian Commander

Tanks & Commander

Aeronof Scout Ship, Zeus

Belgian Tank, Leopold II

..progress on the flagg..

..and the High Commander of the stout Canal Martians.

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  1. Fint. Är du betald av Wexio spelkonvent för produktplaceringen? :-)

    1. -Nope, men visst är det en fin mugg!

  2. Very nice. Is the nef a scratchbuild?

  3. The Nef looks like the very nice offering from Ironclad Miniatures:

    Great progress! On! On!

    1. That is absolutely corect, Paul! The Nef and the steam tank are both from Ironclad Miniatures. Also the battlewagon wich can be seen in earlier pictures in my blogg.


      But, I have done some "improvements" of the Nef, Thanks Pat, for having such high hope on miý skills, but even if the Nef is from a company I have added; the searchlight, the ladder and the bollards. I will also add some railings or chain around the Nef - But that have to wait a little.
      For the moment I am working on a small steamboat for the Belgians.

  4. Very thematic additions they are too, they add a lot.
    Where did you get them?

    If you want to add a bow mount, a few other companies do Gatlings and the smaller calibre Nordenfelt guns.